The Return of Sonder Space

You may have a fresh start anytime you choose.
— Mary Pickford

Hello fresh faces! After taking some time off from Sonder Space to collect myself and get my life organized, I'm happy to say that I'll be back on the regular for blog updates and posts! I decided to dedicate my first post back to explain what I've been up to and what to expect of my blog from now on.

I took a break from my blog back in January when I returned to college. There were two reasons behind this. The first was to focus on my writing for CollegeFashionista as a newly appointed editor. I had to pitch, write and edit articles weekly and that took a toll on my creativity and writing style. I also wanted to focus on finishing my last semester of college on a strong note. I was taking a senior capstone class called Creating Persuasive Campaigns, where I had to form a mock marketing agency with peers to create an original campaign with commercials, radio spots and press materials. To say this class took up most of my spare time is an understatement.

However, by April, I had parted ways from CF due to creative differences. I had also finished up my campaign project, so I gained my life back. At this moment, I felt lost for a while. I was slowly applying for jobs and internships with graduation leering in the distance. I still didn't have a clear set path on what I wanted to accomplish during my last month of college before moving on to the real world. It was a time of self-reflection to find a new path after closing doors.

Through my CF work, I started working with different brands and concentrating on the content I was putting out on my social media. My main focus was my Instagram, where I could connect with brands and showcase my work through photography. Around March, I started teaming up with brands to promote their new products in return for paid content or free products. I even did this on my own terms with new products and items I picked up shopping. It made me realize that content creation was a major part of my lifestyle. I loved everything from organizing outdoor shoots to capture a new shirt I bought to setting up flat lays of my latest finds.

I also found a passion for photography. Back in September, I started doing more shoots in Oneonta with friends that wanted new headshots or pictures for their blogs and social media. It gave me more freedom in directing how to capture them in the best way. This also stemmed from my internship with SUNY Oneonta as their social media intern when I had to photograph different events happening on campus. It gave me a chance to show my version of what I was witnessing at these events, which is one of the main reasons behind Sonder Space.

Thus, when I knew I would return to Sonder Space this summer, I wanted to redirect my site. I will still be doing a lot of writing, but on my own terms and basis. I have recently signed on to The Untitled Magazine as an editorial intern, so I'll be able to get more inspiration while I'm writing for one of my favorite magazines alongside one of my inspirations. I have a new page that showcases the images that I capture in my adventures. I always bring my camera with me when I go out. I use Photoshop in my spare time to edit the quality and play around with tones, so this is where I'll be uploading those moments. Content creation is one of my strong points so I added a section to update my latest posts when I work with companies.

It's almost the start of the summer and a new life for Sonder Space! If you want to see when I write new posts, be sure to subscribe for email updates so you know when it goes live!