Album Review: Reinvented by Sydney Leigh

"I started performing in musical theater and taking vocal lessons at the age of five; I did this for a while, but I became more interested in the recording industry. I then began playing guitar and started writing my own music. Once I went into the studio for the first time, I felt at home." -Sydney Leigh

I had the opportunity to listen exclusively to Sydney Leigh's newest EP, "Reinvented", leading up to its release TODAY! With this, I talked with the singer herself to learn more about her influences and transition into her new style of music. Here's a look into the hit release and the mind behind its creation.

Quick Stats

  • Album Title: Reinvented - EP
  • Artist: Sydney Leigh
  • Genre: Pop/dance/R&B
  • FFO: Ariana Grande, Niykee Heaton, Zendaya
  • Favorite Track: Bring the Bass Back (feat. A-Cross)

"Reinvented" is the perfect word to describe this new release from the unsigned beauty.

Sydney Leigh, a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Detroit, MI, released her second EP entitled "Reinvented". It was written and produced in collaboration with Chris Ganoudis of Like the Movies. The two combined their personalities and influences to create an original sound. The title reflects her transition into this new style from her last EP, "Crazy Beautiful".

"I didn't draw inspiration from one place, I just evolved musically and as a person. My last EP was released when I was fourteen. I am almost eighteen now; a lot happens in those few years, that explains the EP's name "Reinvented". I took inspiration from the various types of music I listen to an tried to combine it into a style that would work with my voice. "

From the electrifying, Latino flare of "Bailando Loco" to the mid-tempo trap of "Walls", this four-piece EP has something for everyone! My favorite song currently is "Bring the Bass Back". It features Chicago rapper A-Cross to combine his rap flow with Leigh's amazing vocal range. It resembles a great pairing similar to Ariana Grande and Big Sean. I was dying to hear more after my first listen!

"I listen to so many different types of music. Even if my music doesn't seem to fit into a genre, such as jazz or rap, I still listen to these types of music and there are subtle influences within my music. When it comes to vocal influence, Christina Aguilera has always been my inspiration, but when it comes to my music style, it is influenced by so many different artists and genres. For example, Shakira, Alina Baraz, Ariana Grande, Tory Lanez, and Rihanna."

The quality of the mix is no less than superb. Drops transition smoothly without overpowering the vocals. Leigh is able to showcase her vocal range successfully with the tone of each song. The lyrics match well with the unique beats in each feature. It was a real surprise on my part to learn that she isn't signed to a label yet from the overall quality of this EP. I asked her about future plans following this release:

"For my newest EP, I want to focus on performing the music live as much as possible and showing people a new side to my music, but I constantly want to be recording and releasing music, whether it is just a cover or original music."

"Reinvented" is out now exclusively on Spotify! Follow the link here to check out the EP, and be sure to listen to "Crazy Beautiful" while you're at it to compare the progress Sydney Leigh has made since her last release.

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