My Jams: July 2016

My Jams: July 2016
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." -Plato

I'm influenced by music heavily in my life, as should everyone. As part of this blog, every month, I'll be sharing a culmination of new music I find. With August beginning tomorrow (wow, July flew by), I decided to share some of my favorite albums and songs to recently come out this month.

Albums To Listen To

  1. Majestic Casual - Chapter 3 by Majestic Casual
    • Genre: Electronic
    • Favorite Song: Helios by Darius, Wayne Snow
      • I've been following Majestic Casual for years now. They're a music channel that discovers new artists and songs daily, uploading their content to YouTube. They make a compilation tape every so often with a bunch of songs featured on their channel. It's a great way to find new chill songs.
  2. Skin by Flume
    • Genre: Electronic
    • Favorite Song: Say It (feat. Tove Lo)
      • Flume is underrated compared to most electronic artists out there. I fell in love with his music back in 2012 when he released his first album, and I was elated to hear that he was putting out a new album this year. His beats and control of vocals featured on his tracks make him stand out.
  3. Bobby Tarantino by Logic
    • Genre: Rap
    • Favorite Song: Deeper Than Money
      • Logic has a flow not like any of the other rappers out there. I remember a month ago wanting new music to listen to, and then Logic dropped this mixtape out of the blue. I almost had a chance to see him this summer on tour with G-Eazy. He's a giant, lovable nerd with a heart of gold.
    • Genre: Electronic
    • Favorite Song: In The Morning
      • As we can see, I'm into electronic music. The beats provide such a relaxing mood no matter where or when. The hushed vocals from ZHU on his tracks off this new album do that. The drops flow in and out smoothly. Consider adding it to your playlist for your next house party.

New Releases to Check Out

  1. Closer (feat. Halsey) by The Chainsmokers
    • Genre: Electronic
      • I've been a fan of The Chainsmokers for years now, following their remixes of popular songs. Watching them evolve has been my favorite thing, especially with this track. Drew Taggart (1/2 of the duo) wrote, produced and sings on the track.
  2. In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha
    • Genre: Electronic
      • Martin Garrix appeared on the scene my freshman year of college with the banger, Animals. From one hit song to now climbing the charts and headlining festivals, he's a great creator. This song is no exception. I blast it in my car and let the beat drop take control.
  3. Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) by Mac Miller
    • Genre: Hip-Hop
      • Mac Miller has always been an obsession of mine. He released this track along with the announcement of his new album, The Divine Feminine. It's smooth like his flow and sets the bar for the upcoming album. Keep an eye out for him. If you like this track, be sure to check out his older albums and mixtapes.
  4. Brand New Moves by Hey Violet
    • Genre: Pop rock
      • This song popped up in my Discover Weekly on Spotify. The only time I heard about this band was through 5SOS as their opening act. After listening to the song once, I was hooked. I played it three more times after it and added it to my summer playlist. The guitar plays help give this song a funky groove, and the lyrics are fun to sing along to!
  5. Cruel (feat. ZAYN) by Snakehips
    • Genre: Electronic
      • Another electronic song wow big shocker, I know. Snakehips is one of the best and underappreciated electronic artists in the game. I've been following their releases for years now. I love putting on their songs when I'm chilling with friends. This latest release from them features ZAYN, who has the best voices to be featured on this track. His voice fits well with the beats created.
  6. Run Run Blood by Phantogram
    • Genre: Synthpop
      • The second single off their upcoming album, Phantogram has set the bar for their intensity-packed release. Synth lines and keyboard melodies create a dark mood. The vocals help to compliment this. If you love this track, be sure to follow them for their upcoming album, Three.

    Of course, there are more albums and songs that I've been listening to this summer besides the few listed above, but these are the ones that have been on repeat. If you want to listen to more of my selections on a regular basis, follow me on Spotify through the link in my header and footer. I tend to follow people back so that I can find new music.

    Did you enjoy any of the selections? Have any suggestions for me? Be sure to leave a comment then!