New Beginnings

No one asked me to start a blog, but I decided to do it anyway.

Today is the launch of my blog, Sonder Space, along with my first blog post! I've had a passion for writing ever since I was little. However, I would get anxious and shy showing it to anyone, fearing their judgement. After taking on writing again in college for a literature class, writing personal poetry, and writing articles for CollegeFashionista, I craved to let the words inside my head be placed onto paper. A good amount of my friends have blogs where they can write their own content, so I decided it was time for me to do the same! This is a big milestone for me to create something personal like this blog in order to share my thoughts, ideas and photography with an audience.

For those checking in yet have no idea who am I, let me give you a brief introduction. My name is Katie, and I'm 21-year-old college student residing in New York. I've grown up on Long Island my entire life, and I attend college in upstate New York at SUNY Oneonta. I'm currently a communication studies major after previously being an adolescence education major with a concentration in math. My focus of my degree is to go into the social media and advertising aspect of a company, preferably in the fashion industry. I'm a social being that loves interacting with people around me. I stand at 6'1" and a slim body; this gives the impression of either a Victoria's Secret model or a small giraffe. I love going out to explore and trying new things. However, I also like to stay indoors to watch anime all day.

Most of you reading this are probably wondering: what type of blog is this? It's a mess, but it's a great one. I'm going to be sharing a wide variety of content. It'll have something that everyone can enjoy and read. Posts to come: reviews on latest trends, tips, thoughts, interviews, photography, my adventures, and the list goes on!

Another question some of you probably have: what's in the name? Sonder Space provides a descriptive realm of the content posted here. For those of you that don't know what sonder means, here's the definition:

sonder- n. the realization that every random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. (source)

I've always been fascinated by this word the moment I came across it. It's one of those words that you know and experience it prior to learning it, but didn't have a name for what it made you feel. Through this blog, you will be experiencing sonder from me. You're getting a look into mostly my life, from my experiences, photos, and thoughts.

I hope you will join along on my storytelling. You can subscribe to receive updates on new posts at the bottom of my blog. Stay tuned for future posts!