"Stay off of my Instagram, pure temptation." -Rihanna, Sex With Me

Last week, we were blessed with warm weather. Of course, when the weather is that great, you take advantage of it with a cute outfit. It was perfect to showcase my new picks from Tobi!


Showing skin has become a big trend recently in fashion. From off-the-shoulder tops to distressed jeans, it is a big staple in closets this season. Even though I do love to show my skin since I'm comfortable with my body and have an obsession with crop tops, I like to keep the look classy.

I picked up this mesh top online from Tobi, and I was in love from the start. The embroidery around the chest area was too cute to pass up. I bought a black lace bralette from Tobi as well to pair with. I knew I had to wear something under the mesh, but I didn't want to layer another top underneath it since it was too warm for that. I stuck with the top and bralette combo for a perfect match.

I wore it with a skirt I had thrifted in my college town. Thrifting is the way to go to save money and find some great pieces! My favorite black booties from Rockport made the cut for the look. For accessories, I chose a black velvet choker that was gifted to me from Charlotte Russe and a pair of small, silver hoops. I also wore a silver watch and a few of my favorite silver bangles from brands such as ALEX AND ANI and Hallmark.

Did you guys enjoy the last bit of warm weather for the season? How are you going to prep your closet for the upcoming cold?